Breathalyzer Test For Drugs


Thought by most to be a tool used in the detection of alcohol use, the breathalyzer has made its way into the world of drug testing. These machines have been getting directed to this field for the better part of a decade. Fortunately for concerned test subjects everywhere, the breathalyzer is considered even less dependable for detecting drugs as it is alleged to be in detecting alcohol. Accounts of subjects who have been tested by this method are very scarce and when found, fail to provide the level of information required to make any definitive statements.   

A subject attempting to cheat this test will use mostly the same techniques that users of alcohol have been employing for years. The most common technique is pretending to be unable to produce the proper amount of force while exhaling. The subject may blame a medical condition such as asthma or might cough repeatedly and blame a tobacco habit. Keeping suit with the sweat sample test, this test will be overlooked by most subjects, and for a good reason.